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Energy Mastery

Master Your Energy - Master your Life with Oren Harris: 8 Week Online Course.

We invite you into a journey to expand your consciousness and awaken your gifts as a highly sensitive being.

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1 - Energy Mastery Basics

    In this module you will become masterful at managing your energy and being able to source unlimited energy at will. You will learn quickly how to discover and shift hidden energy drainers in your life and effortlessly rid yourself of energy vampires that are sucking the life out of you.

    • End people pleasing and live fearlessly in love.
    • Learn the 4 hidden energy drainers and how to stop them.
    • Discover how to tap into unlimited energy at will.
    • Go from procrastination to creation.
    • Master the power of will and the power of surrender.
    • How to shift from tIme management to time mastery.

    Energy Mastery toolkit:

    Powerful energy mastery tools that can instantly shift any situation

    1. Eminem method - How to instantly dissolve judgement coming towards you.
    2. Release technique - How to instantly release and reset your moment.
    3. Energy Aikido - Redirect negative energy coming towards you.
    4. The power prayer - Set the stage for miraculous interactions.
    5. Power question - A question that can instantly snap you out of illusion.
    6. Energy alchemy - How to convert limitation into pure creation.


    Module 2 - Transcending “Boundaries” and “Energy Protection”

    Most energy healers and teachers will share how to “protect” your energy and set boundaries but this may come with consequences because it often comes from a place of disempowerment and fear.

    This module is about how to set powerful conscious boundaries and ultimately how to completely transcend the need for boundaries and energy protection. It’s about what is possible when we are living in the space of oneness and infinite safety.

    • Discover the architecture of a boundary and uncover the two types of boundaries - conscious boundaries, which are aligned with oneness and unconscious, which re- enforce separation.
    • Learn the purpose of boundaries and how and when to transcend them.
    • Become “unfuckwithable!”. Learn how to be so centred in your home frequency that you remain unaffected by other people’s energy and the external world.
    • Discover how to hold your vibration so you are able to be empathetic but not shift away from your centre when helping people.


    Module 3 - Advanced Energy Clearing

    This module will teach you how to reset your entire nervous system so you can connect back to your soul and return back to “zero point” and into the field of miracles. This advanced energy clearing will come from an empowered state of being rather than resisting or fighting off energy.

    • Learn a powerful technique to pinpoint where you have picked up energy from external sources that has been stored in your body.
    • Become conscious of exactly how you pick up others energy and how to release it.
    • Learn powerful daily energy clearing techniques.
    • Clear your energy and reconnect back to your home frequency.

    Clean Slate meditation

    Experience a complete release of all fear, judgement, and time in your consciousness. Awaken into the deep peace of the present moment with a complete clean slate where anything is possible.


    Advanced Energy Clearing meditation

    A guided meditation journey designed to completely reset your whole world. This mediation goes deep into a release of your whole identity and reconnects you to the zero point field of pure being.

    Module 4 - Communication Mastery

    Communication is the number one skill in this physical universe and the bridge of how we connect and build relationships with people. Mastering communication also leads you to be a powerful manifestor and creator.

    • Learn how to powerfully communicate your inner world so you can be seen as who you truly are to the world.
    • Learn how to communicate your needs, wants, desires of your heart to the world more effectively.
    • Learn the art of “Embodied Communication”.
    • Become a master at powerfully and clearly communicating your vision and dreams to the world in a way that makes it easy to collaborate, co-create and connect with you.
    • Transcend communication barriers with power of your heart
    • Be in a state of energetic completion with people and rewrite unconscious agreements you’ve made that are draining your energy and causing chaos in your relationships
    • Open up to advanced communication such as light language and telepathy

    Module 5 - Emotional Mastery

    In order to master your energy you have to have emotional freedom. Emotional freedom is being able to embody any emotional state without fear or judgement.

    Not being able to embody certain emotional states causes chaos in your energy field, mind, and body.

    • Move beyond “processing emotions” to transforming emotions and being at one with your emotions.
    • Learn how to properly use your emotional guidance system.
    • Stop being overwhelmed by your emotions.
    • How to transform the energy of anger and unlock new levels of power.
    • Learn how to get out of the destructive energy of judgement.
    • Master your emotions to create your own reality.
    • Get out of controlling your emotions which is causing havoc to your body.
    • Learn how to free trapped energy in your consciousness through emotional mastery
    • Release emotional trauma that is in the Bio memory of your body and affecting your level of empowerment and health!
    • Learn how to effectively heal your past for good.

    Module 6 - Body Mastery

    For many sensitive beings the body can be affected negatively by their sensitivities. This module will empower you to learn how to master your body and access a deep level of body awareness so you know how to heal and avoid issues.

    You will learn about body empowerment, healing and the evolution of the body.

    • Understand your body's intelligence and learn how to listen to what your body is telling you.
    • Awaken your body's natural healing capacity.
    • Heal your body through your consciousness.
    • Unlock the true potential of your body.
    • Rewire your brain through your consciousness.

    Module 7 - Accessing and Integrating Higher Frequencies

    As we shift into a new dimension we have more access to higher frequencies but it’s very important for sensitive beings to be able to ground, integrate and embody these frequencies

    • Discover how to access higher frequencies within your consciousness.
    • Transform the physical symptoms that can come from accessing higher frequencies.
    • Learn how to integrate and stabilize the higher frequency in your body to make it your new norm.
    • Overcome the challenges that come with integrating higher frequencies.
    • Discover natural ways to raise your vibration.
    • Learn how to properly access and integrate vibrations you resonate with in “others”.
    • Understand and uncover your upper limits.
    • Learn how to break the old identity so you can align with the higher frequency.
    • Stay in integrity so your actions, thoughts and words are in alignment with your vibrational shifts.
    • Step into a bigger game that is more in alignment with your higher frequency.
    • Become your higher self and start living as your soul.

    Module 8 - Awakening Your Super Powers

    Now that you have begun to master your energy it’s time to awaken your gifts as a sensitive being so that you are living as the full expression of your soul.

    • Awaken accelerated learning of any new skill or ability.
    • Discover how to directly download rather than learn through intellect.
    • Evolve beyond linear learning into a multi dimensional direct cognition.
    • Learn how to open your heart with transparency and purify your mind to such a degree that telepathy becomes crystal clear, accurate and reliable form of communication in your daily life.
    • Access your internal guidance with the same level of precision accuracy and clarity as a GPS in a car.
    • Learn how to accurately read future potential timelines in the now.
    • Increase your psychic abilities so that you can gain powerful insights in your decision making and have a deeper level of clarity.
    • Learn how to read your own subconscious and tap into superconsciousness.
    • Demystify the idea of channeling and learn how you can channel any point of consciousness.