Taught by Oren Harris.


This online course (which was originally taught as a LIVE event) is a 5 week transformational journey into creating effortless success with your brand and business.

Broken down into weekly video modules (with nearly 10 hours of recorded video content!), this course is a deep and thorough dive into unlocking your unique genius, activating more magnetism in your marketing, naturally generating effortless flow and sales in your business, and more.

Oren Harris

Master of Flow

Oren Harris is a Transformational coach, spiritual teacher, and a pioneer on the leading edge of human consciousness.

His primary mission in life is creating Heaven on Earth, a place where people wake up to their true selves and live a limitless life of contribution and fulfillment.

Oren is one of the worlds leading experts on "flow" the highly sought after, peak performance state of consciousness known for its inherent ease, power, grace, and next level performance.

Oren helps high performing leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives tap into the incredible power of flow and intuition to have a profound impact on the planet through the full expression of their souls gifts.

Despite his impressive accolades and abilities, Oren's real super power is simply his love and presence which reminds people of who they really are and effortlessly draws the best out of them.

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Vibrational Marketing foundation

Understanding the role that consciousness and vibration play in marketing sales. Exploring transparency, authenticity, truth, presence, vulnerability, and intimacy as the heart and soul of your marketing.

Week 2: Vibrational Mastery

How to raise the vibration of your business where people are moved to buy your products, services, or attend your events. Activating more magnetism through your heart and sexual energy. ​ Transform fear into creative power and results.

Week 3: Intuition in Business

How to use your intuition as your most powerful ​business coach.​ Receive specific insights, ideas, and actions that will significantly expand your business. Break your conscious and unconscious rules to tap into innovation & infinite creativity.

Week 4: Unlocking your Genius & Souls Brand

Find your unique genius your IT factor. ​Uncover your unique soul's essence... your unique voice... that place where you are un-duplicatable... irreplaceable. Build your brand from your unique vibrational signature.

Week 5: Architecting Flow

Discover the optimal activities you can do that are in alignment with your authentic self that naturally generate flow and sales in your business. Discover and implement structures that magnify and multiply your flow and create amazing results.

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