It’s amazing, sometimes miraculous, what you can accomplish in one day!

If you spend an entire day with me with powerful intention, focused attention, and an open mind and heart, we will accomplish something extraordinary.

A VIP day is a success accelerator tailor made to the specific area of life you want to level up in.

Profound transformation, up leveling of skills and abilities, success blueprinting, intuitive strategizing, innovation and creativity… and execution.

Add to that an exquisite location (if done in person), delicious meals, movement, and tons of fun.

Whether you are in a stage of reinvention, discovery, optimization, or you are already in a success momentum seeking to accelerate and level up, a VIP immersion day is a powerful accelerator of your vision into manifestation.

The points of focus can be related to business, building a thriving practice, relationship alchemy, optimal health and performance, personal empowerment, specific skill mastery, etc.


We will accomplish in one day what could normally take several months or even years.

I bring ALL of my skills, abilities, and resources to the table to serve your highest intention and vision into reality.

My VIP days and other immersion style experiences are best suited for those who are devoted to mastery, living their highest potential, and having the greatest impact on the planet with their gifts.

If you are the type of person who is going to kick ass with or without me then a VIP day will be very powerful, highly effective and fun! Yes fun!

I invite my VIP day partners into a state of flow and fun.

Instead of intuition, flow, fun, and magic… OR… strategizing, innovating, creating, and executing, its BOTH!

Left brain perfectly merged with right brain… masculine perfectly harmonized with feminine… intuition partnered with intellect… surrender meets will… being meets doing.

These energies often get compartmentalized rather than harmonized. It’s rare to find a guide who is strong in both… That’s me.

I even had my brainwaves measured while in the state I’m in when I do my sessions and it showed my whole brain was synchronized.

Transformation Coach, business alchemist, spiritual guide, intuitive, strategist, healer, clear mirror, sounding board, magician, soul activator, creative… all rolled into one.

This immersion style of transformation is best suited for those who are ready for a radical upleveling in their lives.


If this resonates and you want to see what is possible in joining forces with me in this way, then please click here to fill out an application.

After reviewing your application, my team or I will reach out to schedule a call to see if it is a good fit and to set us up for the most powerful, productive session possible.

Here’s What a Past Client Has To Say About His VIP Day with Oren

I love to work with courageous legendary souls who are ready to level up and excited and ready to act on what ever comes forth in our session.

I recently did a half day VIP immersion with a very influential visionary leader and I was deeply inspired by his powerful transformation in his being and mindset, his immediate implementation, and the exponential results.

Here’s a brief sharing from him about all of the amazing things that shifted and manifested in his business and life since our time together.

Click here to apply now for your VIP Day with Oren!


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