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a 3-hour interactive online immersion to uplevel your business and wealth flow

The Quantum Wealth Dojo is an immersive interactive space designed to take your wealth creation and business to another level with a Wealth Clairvoyant, a Business Shaman, and myself…The Oracle… “O”.

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One insight, reflection, or suggestion from us could be a game changer! Miracles can even happen!


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You bring your business (and/or wealth) goals, visions, intentions, questions, and challenges.

We read your consciousness (and your business’s consciousness) and share powerful reflections, insight, decisions, actions, and direction that will accelerate you to the accomplishment of your desires.



3-Hour Immersion 3 PM PST

Date: January 12th, 2023 

Investment: $999

Location: Zoom

Session will be recorded, and replay will be available


  • Your soul's unique wealth blueprint: The easiest, most natural, aligned ways you generate wealth.

  • Come into alignment with your highest wealth timeline

  • Create exponential success in your business

  • Discover precise actions that will significantly accelerate your business success and manifest more wealth.

  • Learn 5D wealth creation skills and processes (i.e the “Money out of thin air” process or timeline hopping).

  • Learn the way of playful prosperity

  • Experience more joy and peace around money

  • Discover hidden and untapped sources of wealth in your life right now.


  • You have clear authentic goals

  • You live from a place of abundance

  • You have a Bias for action

  • You trust and act on your intuition

  • You know anything is possible

  • You are willing to take action on insights and clarity that come from the dojo even if it’s scary

  • You are playful and love to have fun

  • You will bring goals to the dojo that are priceless and far exceed the $999 investment

  • You are ready for a grounded quantum shift



  • You are desperate…”Need” to make money…or “Need”  this to work.

  • You are looking for incremental results

  • You are looking for trauma healing around money

  • You believe you have to work hard for success

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Our unique embodied wisdom, perspective, & codes

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Oren aka "O"
· The Oracle ·

-    Unity with God

      (the Source Code)

-    Unshakeable faith

      (no worry around money)

-    Playful prosperity

-    Infinite creativity

-    Flow codes

· Business Shaman ·

-    Money is love

-    Money is spiritual

-    Money is a game

      (Holographic universe)

-    Money as the masculine         

      (Penetration & Pleasure)

-    You give money value, not the        other way around

· Wealth Clairvoyant ·

-    Don't work for wealth, shine

      for wealth

-    Embody the wealth of your


-    Sales should feel like sex

-    The art of captivation

-    Living Magic

We also provide intuitive consulting, creative consulting, Masterminding, and vibrational attuning to get you into greater alignment and embodiment with your desires

The wealth dojo team all have their own unique embodied wisdom, codes, and channel to source that they usually get paid thousands of dollars to offer in intimate group containers.


There are so many self proclaimed channelers , psychics, and oracles out there that are fluffy, woo woo, “enlightened” but broke, or just full of it! So I am extremely picky when it comes to “Spiritual” gifts and who is the real deal!


I don’t promote or share the stage with any “Channelers” unless they are clear, grounded, pure hearted, embody what they teach, in integrity, and I have experienced the power and value of their gifts first hand! 

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You can trust that this divinely curated …hand picked team of specialists is dope AF!


Money is only one form of wealth but just so you know the three of us have collectively made hundreds of thousands of dollars sharing our gifts, being ourselves, in alignment with our soul, following our intuition, and  o-creating with the source.


The dojo will be mostly interactive… AND… you will also receive some potent transmissions, awakened wealth codes, learn 5D business skills, and how to more effectively utilize your own inner oracle for your business and wealth creation.

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