Oren works with many people in many different ways… that’s one of the cornerstones of his brand as an infinite being.

His Private 1:1 Coaching, however, is his most exclusive and premium offering, and it’s reserved for a very specific group of people.

Namely, leaders and high performers who are committed to living their highest potential and stepping into their next level of expression, influence, brilliance, and fulfillment available to them by tapping into more of their infinite potential.

These are people that Oren calls "legendary souls."


Creating a Bridge to your Next Level

Oren's genius is helping individuals who are the best in the world at what they do step into and embody the next version of themselves that is ripe and ready to come through now.

You see, no matter how much you’ve already managed to create and accomplish, and no matter how fulfilling and wonderful your life already is, there’s always a next level available to you. Not only is it available to you, it’s eager to birth through you, and every time you let that new life flow, you’ll be blown away by life’s ever-expanding capacity to accommodate your ever-expanding vision and desire.

Oren revels in watching his clients go through this process over and over again, joining them on their journey of expansion as they reach heights beyond what they ever knew to be possible.

Standing by as they come to the deep realization that life knows no bounds when it comes to the joy, abundance, fulfillment, beauty, magic, and Love it is able to provide.


From Knowing to Embodiment

Oren’s ideal clients are highly self aware, and are usually quite a few paces ahead of most everyone else in their reality. Thanks to their exceptionally sharp sense of things, these individuals are, on some level, constantly feeling their next level of potential, even when they aren’t fully embodying it quite yet.

Because of this, when Oren sits down in a facilitation setting with one of these clients, they frequently have a profound “ah ha!” moment, followed by a feeling of remembrance... almost as if they "already knew that." And that’s the thing. They did already “know” that!

However, through Oren’s gentle guidance and presence, they are able to step into and embody what they had previously only known intellectually but have now come to really Know experientially.

This process provides the deepest experience of expansion available, and almost always kicks off a significant growth spurt within the individual because the next level they’ve just stepped into contains all kinds of new thoughts, ideas, and inspiration that were previously inaccessible to them.

From here, clients literally experience an entirely new reality. And in this new reality they are exposed to new contrast, which gives birth to new vision and desire, which sparks the process of expansion all over again.


O's Special Sauce

Oren’s ability to impeccably see and relate to the “you that you are becoming” is one of the elements that enables him to seamlessly guide his clients into their next level by giving them the direct experience of what it feels like to fully be who they are becoming.

It’s also the reason why dynamic, gifted individuals seek him out and call him their coach, and frequently say he’s the only person they’ve ever met who can actually coach them.

They feel he’s the only person who truly gets them and can fully see them for who they are.

This feeling of being seen and known in the deepest way possible is what makes Oren’s clients view him as so much more than just their coach. They view him as one of their closest friends and advisors, and the level of trust and love that go hand-in-hand with that special bond makes the miraculous possible in each and every session.


The Process

When Oren meets you in a facilitation space, his dominant intent is to assist you with fully receiving and embodying your next level. That means, having it register in your being and fully ground in to your experience.Meeting his clients in this space is Oren’s highest flow, and it’s the zone where miracles frequently occur for his clients.

Many times, in 5 minutes or less, his clients will have breakthroughs that have been queued up for them for years. Yes, you read that right. Years in minutes.

Potent, precise, and brilliant, Oren will masterfully put your expansion on hyperdrive so you can get fully up to speed with the you that you are becoming at any moment in time.

Additionally, Oren’s ability to advise his clients based on the intuitive insight he receives is astounding. The guidance that comes to him is remarkably precise, crystal clear, and always perfect for your situation. With this clarity, not only will you have realizations that will cause deep shifts within your being, you will also know exactly how to move forward from where you are.


Interested in Working with Oren?

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Client Testimonials

Peter Nguyen

Visionary Entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Ad Exchange Group

"I believe Oren Harris is a most extraordinary coach, most generous mentor, most authentic being, one who I recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who desires brilliant support, greater experience of the flow of inspiration, enrichment, business success, and/or truest self-expression. Everything I can say about Oren is of a superlative nature; I appreciate him and all he provides, immensely."

Mary Anne Mayer Redmond
President, Golden Wealth Investments

"There are times in business when things seem to be “stuck." And then there are times when it “flows." If you’ve noticed how much more you get done, how everything seems easier and faster in those times when it “flows," then you need to work with Oren Harris. He’ll get you in the “flow” no matter how stuck you are right now – and the results will be tremendous!"

Ric Thompson
Founder, Healthy Wealthy n Wise

"Coaching with Oren has truly transformed my life, and in such a short time! Oren is a rare gift bestowed on us by the Universe. His expansive energy is bound to expand anyone he comes in contact with. There is no other way around it! All the books, movies, and seminars I have read and attended over the years pale in comparison to a few inspiring coaching sessions with Oren! ‘Exponential’ doesn’t even capture the rate and extent of my personal growth anymore. I am now one with the Law of Attraction; I flow with ease, openly and gratefully receiving the abundance that is being showered on me by the Universe. Now that I have tasted Flow and a continuous state of abundance and joy I cannot live any other way. I give thanks!"

Ronit Mor
Master Connector & Creative Entrepreneur

"The value Oren has added to my being able to integrate many Truths & realizations has been priceless. You probably won’t be “looking for” Oren when you find him, but as long as you’re willing to go deeper, he has a great capacity to reveal to you the higher levels of potential within yourself that you may not even realize you’re missing out on. And he walks his talk, which will allow you to have a greater direct experience in walking your own."

Kirra Sherman
Intuitive Coach, Copywriting Extraordinaire

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