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FLOW with O

14 day online immersion
to activate you into a life of
continuous flow 

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14 day live group container, designed to bring you from

Hustle —> Flow

Flow with O is a potent and highly curated Intro to Mastery course for anyone desiring to connect with their inner power, get out of  hustle mode and into a state of divine alignment.

Participants will receive 2 two-hour live transmissions sessions with O via Zoom, PLUS a live Closing Ceremonies Zoom call AND a lit group chat for ongoing implementation support & continued expansion.

  • Tapping into flow at will

  • Getting into flow consistently 

  • Being in flow in every area of your life (ie: relationships, business) 

  • Architect your life to optimize flow

  • Go beyond tapping into the flow to BEing flow 

In flow mode you will experience: exponential increases in productivity, performance, creativity, energy levels, joy, and connection with the divine & increased intuition 

What's Included:

Two 2-Hour Live Transmission Calls Via Zoom

Live Closing Ceremonies Via Zoom

A LIT Group Chat for Continuous Support


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